My Furniture Gallery

 dresser, chest of drawers, bubinga dresser, curly maple furniture
 8 Drawer Dresser In Bubinga & Curly Maple
 (around $9,500)
solid wood dresser
 12 Drawer Dresser In Bubinga & Curly Maple
 (around $9,500)
side table 5
 Side Table In Cocobolo & Afzelia Burl
 (around $4,500)
bubinga&ebony table 4
 Bench/Coffee Table In Ebony & Bubinga
 (around $5,000)


Molly's table 8
 Art Deco Style Dining Table In Curly Maple & Bubinga
 (around $9,000)
live edge Texas mesquite coffee table
 Live Edge Coffee Table In Texas Mesquite & Pecan
 (around $5,000)
 Settee In Walnut With Leather Upholstery
 around ($6,000)
deco table01
 Art Deco Style Coffee Table In Curly Maple & Wenge
 (around $5,500)
walnut sleigh bed1
 Queen Size Sleigh Bed In Curly Walnut
  (around $17,000)


gun cab02
 Display Cabinet In Texas Mesquite & Cherry
 (around $11,000)
Live edge Texas pecan conference table with sculpted base.

Live Edge Texas Pecan Conference Table
(around $18,000)


Live Coffee Table In Mesquite & Cherry
(around $4,500)
Queen Of Texas bed
Queen Of Texas Bed In Mesquite & Walnut
(around $10,500)
Art Deco Armoire In Bubinga & Curly Maple
(around $13,500)

 If you would like to see more, please visit my website.

































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