Art Cabinet


art cab2

I made this manuscript cabinet a few years ago, but this is the first time it has been published on the Internet. It was a collaborative project between my good friend, Kathleen Marie Wilson and myself. Kathleen is a technically gifted professional artist with a great love for the natural world, a deep commitment to the environment, and a passion for her art. She burned all the images into the wood with various wood burning pens and then came back and highlighted certain details with Prismacolors. The entire piece was then sealed with a protective high tech lacquer.

Scaled Image 2Our client is a doctor and avid naturalist with a great love of birds. He owns an impressive collection of John James Audubon prints, which are housed in the flat file sized upper drawers, while rare books are stored in the lower section. Some of the prints are three feet by four feet, dictating a large footprint for the cabinet. The design challenge was to create a piece that could accommodate the largest prints without appearing too massive. You can see more views of this piece by going to the Art Cabinet page. Primary woods are walnut and pecan with wenge and mesquite accents. Click to enlarge these images. To see more examples of my furniture, visit My Furniture Gallery.

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