University of Texas Conference Table

The  Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports, soon to be opening at the University of Texas at Austin, now has a new conference table. I first began discussions about the table more than a year ago with directors Drs. Terry and Jan Todd, and we determined then that the table should be made of reclaimed longleaf pine in honor of the Stark family, a name closely associated with the University during the first half of the 20th century, and a family who made a significant fortune more than a hundred years ago logging longleaf pine along the Sabine River in Texas and Louisiana.

UT conference table1

The base of the table assembles in just a few minutes using interlocking and wedged joints that provide for absolutely rigid construction. Raised panels in the pedestals are curly pine leftover from building one of the Stark family homes in Orange, Texas many decades ago. The split turnings that cap the sides of the pedestals are made of mesquite, another native Texas timber.

UT conference table2

The top, made entirely of solid wood,  comes apart down the middle after removing the breadboard ends at either end. The two halves of the top and the breadboard ends are held together with floating tenons and mechanical fasteners installed on the underside. Assembled, the top weighs nearly four hundred pounds. The breadboard ends and the oval inlay in the top are also curly pine.

UT conference table3

The slot in the middle of the top accomodates computer and media cables. I am currently building a podium to accompany this table. Anyone living in or visiting Austin, Texas who is interested in the history of sport should be sure to visit the Stark Center for an informative and entertaining experience.

UT conference table4

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