Live Edge Coffee Table In Mesquite & Cherry

mesquite live edge coffee table

This coffee table was designed to sit in the center of a living room, surrounded on three sides by seating. My client wanted a rectangular live edge top that approached the proportions of a square. I knew this requirement would give the top a “chunky” appearance, so I tried to create a base that would have a lot of visual interest while counterbalancing the mass of the top with design elements that had a more elegant and airy feel to them.

Weeks trestle table001

I purchased a book matched pair of mesquite slabs but was not able to get the width I needed for the top without adding an additional slab in the center.

book matched mesquite slabs

mesquite slabs for table top

Here is the top glued up with the outside edges left in their natural state. Later on I filled the cracks and other defects in the top with black epoxy.

natural edge mesquite table top

Here are a few shots of the base under construction in my shop. I used clear cherry for many of the parts in the base to keep the table from being too rustic in appearance.

coffee table base parts

coffee table base parts

Turning the bun feet on the lathe.

mesquite bun feet

completed bun feet

The base nearly finished.


Photos of the completed table.

live edge mesquite coffee table2

live edge mesquite

mesquite table top

live edge mesquite coffee table3

mesquite bun foot

live edge mesquite coffee table 4

live edge mesquite coffee table 5

More of my tables can be seen at my website. Thanks!

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