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  1. Louis,
    We were talking kids at work here and for some reason I thought of your remark many (+ many) years ago that whether you are ready for kids or not, once they come, you just do it. So I googled your name and her I am looking at is this absolutely beautiful furniture. I am not surprised. I am very glad some of your furniture has found such prestigious surroundings. I would love to see the Stark Center. I hope there is something there about weight lifting. More soon after I see if this gets to you okay.
    Your buddy, Bruce


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  3. Your furniture just look super. I am new to some of this, can you tell me what live edge tables are? I aaume that you just go with the natural shape and not try to square it up or anwthing like that.
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Thanks for commenting. Usually when a hardwood log is sawn into lumber, the edges of the boards are squared & straightened. With live edge boards, the natural edge is left on the lumber. I always remove the bark and polish the edge to a nice sheen.

  4. Hey Louis, I was just browsing photos on the web while gathering some inspiration for an upcoming commission for a gun cabinet, ran across your mesquite/cherry piece, and absolutely love it! What a great design and execution.

    Unfortunately, what prompted this comment is to notify you that the very next photo I found using google image search took me to another website that was also displaying a photo of your EXACT gun cabinet on it. It’s one of those “get free woodworking plans” websites, and they are just stealing people’s photos and posting them on their site. I’m not going to give them the luxury of a link here, so I’ll break it up with (dot) instead of periods: earleywt(dot)wordpress(dot)com/2013/08/22/free-free-gun-cabinet-design-plans-pdf-woodworking-plans-online-download/

    Not sure if you want to take action, but I wanted to let you know about it. That made me a little annoyed, and I wanted to do something about it. This person’s site needs to be taken down – it’s absolutely horrid anyway.


  5. No problem Louis, let me know if I can help out in any way. It just pissed me off when I saw what was going on, and I would definitely want to know if pictures of my work were being used like that.

    I have spread the word about what’s going on a bunch of social media sites, and I contacted a few other people about their photos being used by this guy. Hopefully, it will get taken down soon.

  6. Louis. You have some beautiful furniture! I am looking to buy some good quality spalted pecan veneer. Could you please refer me to a website or company where I can purchase some? It would be greatly appreciated.

    Ken Peterson

    1. Hi, Ken. I am not aware of anyone selling spalted pecan veneer commercially. Because a lot of spalted wood has areas that are beginning to decay and have lost some structural integrity, slicing it into thin sheets would, I think, result in some of it just crumbling and falling apart. That said I have used some heartwood pecan with light spalting that seemed to be pretty sound. I have a friend, Brandon Berdoll, who mills & dries lots of pecan. I think he also has the capabilities to slice up thick veneer. You could call him & see if he could provide you with what you are looking for. 512-497-5910.

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