8 Drawer Dresser In Bubinga & Curly Maple (final photos)

dresser, chest of drawers, bubinga dresser, curly maple furnitureI should have put these photos up months ago and often wonder why I go so long without posting here on my blog. I am really happy with the way this piece turned out. I think it is a fresh and original design.The materials are beautiful and I am satisfied with the details and craftsmanship.

bubinga & curly maple dresser 2

But, wow, this one was a lot of work! I am supposed to be making a living doing this furniture making thing. I have a family to support! But this one, and the companion piece that followed it, kinda ate my lunch.

bubinga & curly maple dresser 3

They are in the rear view mirror enough now that I can look at these photos and think, “Hey, pretty nice!”

dovetailed drawers, undermount drawer slides, bubinga dresser

bubinga dresser, string inlay, curly maple furniture

bubinga & curly maple dresser 6

4 thoughts on “8 Drawer Dresser In Bubinga & Curly Maple (final photos)

    1. Thanks for commenting, John. I agree with you; bubinga & curly maple make a lovely combination. Looks like bubinga is going to become harder to get. Cameroon has banned the export of bubinga due to illegal logging, with many of the logs going to China.

  1. I love your designs and work. Lately, I have seen total pieces of junk without any style, nails showing etc, sell for unbelievable prices. Some yuppie falls for the look and buzz words but has no idea what quality means… You made my day showing that a slab base could have real style and appeal, rather than several blocks of cracked wood with the saw marks still all over it.


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